The EPIC SYMPHONY is an music interface that analyzes a variety of frequencies and controls LED channels accordingly. The symphony is completely controllable via RS232. (see LITERATURE page for marketing and specification sheets)

• No programming is required
• Ability to be controlled via rs232 serial commands
• 2 types of music inputs, line level in and detachable microphone
• Closed contact control for on and off operation
• Can be used with most industry RGB LED controllers (constant current or constant voltage LEDs)
• Pre-addressed for different movie genre - horror, action, comedy and or concert shows, etc.
• Pre-addresses for a variety of music - classical, rock , pop, theatrical etc.
• Musical light show for your commercial or residential establishment
• Our solutions make it possible to increase the sustainability of soothing environments.
• Easily transform any space to create your own ambience. Medical purposes (Stress and anxiety often are high for patients visiting a medical center and this can inhibit patient recovery time. If patients can customize their environment, it gives them additional control of their personal space. This, in turn, can have a positive effect on recovery time and quality.)

• 12V input
• Ability to control LED from 1-300
• Epic microphone technology
• 3.5mm stereo plug in input for line level and microphone

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The EPIC MELODY is a state of the art module that can trigger sound effects that synchronizes with the pre-programmed thunder, lightning and rain effects, etc.

The EPIC MELODY can either perform in standalone mode, or with a RS232 protocol which can be  controlled by a third party control system or by the epic's, proprietary wall control, touch pad to produce sound effects on demand.

(see LITERATURE page for marketing and specification sheets)


1. RS-232 controlled playback of select music tracks
2. RGB output for accent lighting
3. A ‘Lightening Channel” for thunderstorm effects
4. 1/8 ” Stereo Connector line level output (industry standard connection)
5. Speaker level output for driving small speakers
6. Standard MicroSD card file storage
7. Serial feedback
8. Fully controllable with any automation syste


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