The Epic Sky Technology’s Kit™ is the leader in digital star lighting. These kits are designed for do it yourself individuals who want beautiful simple stars on their ceilings in home theaters, bedroooms or game rooms. You can install in drywall, drop ceiling tiles or Epic sky acoustic tiles. Using our kit installation literature and tools you can put star panels most anywhere your heart desires. Dont stop at just a starfield. Add a shooting stars or fireworks for extra effects.
Check out our kits below and call us today to order! Do it yourself or request custom installation.


Take a look at our >>Star Kit overview<<

White Light; 10 programs: twinkle, summer night, summer breeze, rain, party, strobe.

>>Star Kit Marketing Specifications<<

KALEIDOSCOPE KIT: Color RGB, Features multiple color programs and shimmering iridescent colors.

>>Kaleidoscope Kit Marketing Specifications<<

SHOOTING STAR KIT: 8ft. shooting star. Stand alone 10 Seconds, 1, 5, 10 min. & random intervals w/ optional RS232 serial controller for unlimited control.

>>Shooting Star Kit Marketing Specifications<<

FIREWORK BURST KIT: Color RGB burst / random colors.

>>Firework Kit Marketing Specifications<<

>>Firework Kit Installation Instructions<<

Downloadable templates and command sheets can be found on our LITERATURE PAGE