Our EPIX STAR PANELS are state of the art modular star panel systems that create the most realistic night sky effects while providing acoustical value to your space. The system includes a proprietary LED Light Source that can generate special effects such as 3 different twinkle modes, shooting stars, Meteor showers, Constellations, Fireworks, Planets, Space Ships with Interactive Laser Beams, Nebula's, Milky Way Effects, and logos / custom type or script. Our panels are made in house with our talented artists and no two panels are identical.
1. TWILIGHT™ WHITE Epixsky’s famous white stars featuring 3-D effects, twinkle modes and our Sirius Option, the ultimate in star brightness.
2. TWILIGHT PRISM™ Full color (RGB) featuring irridescent white 3-D effect stars.
3. TWILIGHT STARDUST™ The ultimate in the Epixsky star ceiling experience! Full color (RGB+W) featuring 3-D iridescent white, color stars with Sirius Brightness creating our trademark Stardust™ effect!

The EpiXsky Star Panel System has 3 ways to control your stars and special effects. 1. Standalone mode using dip switch settings. 2. RS232 serial commands used w/3rd party control systems. 3. WiFi & our downloadable App for OS iPad/iPhone
Acoustical Fabric Star Panels are 1" thick and come in standard sizes of 2’x2’, 2‘x4’, 3’x5’, 4’x4’ and 4’x8’. (custom sizes available) We also offer our 2’x2’ and 2’x4’ ALL Star™ Drop-In Ceiling Tiles (see spec) that can be used in any existing grid system.


• 2.4W per panel/ 12V (low voltage)
• UL fire rated materials
• Material options: Fabric acoustical panel (see color options) | Armstrong Fissure Panels
• Controlled independently or via home automation RS232 serial command.
• Simple anchoring system included
• Constellations, shooting star, firework, meteor effects & more (special effects
• Simple anchoring system included
• Dimmable via RS232 Controller
• Optional cove lighting with sunset & morning sky effects
• Wifi option for control flexibility
• 5 Year Limited Warranty

Marketing Brochure Manual View Step By Step Instruction Video Acoustic Fabric Colors