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Unleash the True Power of Epic Sky TECH'S WIFI LIGHTING SYSTEM

The Epic™ WiFi Lighting System is a family of products designed to connect almost any LED lighting to a network in a matter of minutes. Includes a choice of wireless WiFi or wired TCP/IP, serial RS232 controller and the EPIC’s Symphony music and sound module. The innovative design of the Epic™ WiFi Lighting Control System allows for easy and flexible integration into any network control solution. The Epic™ WiFi Lighting Control System is a simple wired (EP-WLS-ETH) or wireless (EP-WLS-WIFI) conduit between you and your device over a network. This is instant network-enabling at its best, delivering the power of choice at a cost-effective price.

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Have you ever looked up at the starry night sky and been mesmerized by its beauty? That awe-inspiring moment when everything goes quiet and it’s only you and the speckled night sky gazing at one another. It produces an indescribable feeling. A sort of freeing effect where time stands still. You’re immersed in the allure of the starry nighttime sky. We have captured the essence of this transcendental experience with our Star Panels.

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The CENTRO 8 represents a quantum leap in home automation, bringing advanced automation capabilities to the masses, with an affordable control processor and state of the art embedded software

The CENTRO 8 is the heart of your control system, providing information to iOS / Android devices & enabling advanced logic features and control options

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